What Happens In Florida when a Minor Child is a Beneficiary of a Last Will and Testament?

Piggy Bank.jpgIt happens frequently. A minor child inherits either personal property, including money, bank accounts, CD’s, money markets, or is left an interest in real property. Who looks out for the best interest of the minor child?

Although Florida natural guardians (parents) have all the rights and authority over their minor child’s “person”, natural guardians do not have all of the rights and power over the minor’s “property”. Parents are authorized on behalf of their minor children to settle, collect, receive, and manage real or personal property distributed from an estate or trust, when the amounts received, in the aggregate, DO NOT exceed $15,000.00. Florida Statutes 744.301(2).

Florida law allows a court to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (a fiduciary appointed by the court) to represent and protect the minor’s best interests. The Guardian Advocate will act for the minor child in a probate proceeding involving an inheritance by either a Will, a Trust, or when the minor child inherits property through the Florida Intestacy Statute.

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