When if Formal Notice Used in a Florida Probate

There are certain times when a Probate case can use Formal Notice to reduce the time required and other times when it is required. Formal notice is defined by the Florida Probate Code to be notice which is sent by via certified mail to each interested person. Sometimes notice can be by publication when the whereabouts of a particular interested person or entity cannot be determined. This notice by publlication requires a much longer time period to the party to object than the 20 days when an interested party is serverd by formal notice. Some examples of when Formal Notice can or will be used include:

Petition for Administration Petition to Determine Beneficiaries Petition to Revoke The Probate of A Will Petition to Probate Lost Will Petition to Construe Will Petition to Remove A Personal Representative Petition to Surcharge Personal Representative Petition to Cancel a Devise

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