Where I keep my signed Estate Planning Documents?

Many people feel that one of the best places to keep your estate planning documents and original Florida Will is in a safe deposit box. A bank box can protect the documents from most natural disasters. If you keep the documents in a bank you should have a joint holder on the account to simplify the process of obtaining the documents in the event of your death.

Some people also keep their documents with the lawyer who created them. Many lawyers will not retain original documents because of the risk of loss and expense associated with keeping the documents.

Most people keep their documents at their home. They can be kept in a safe, file cabinet, or even their freezer. If they are kept in a place that is not obvious, you need to let others know where they are located so they will be found when they are needed.

If Florida, you need to be conscious of Hurricanes and potential water damage from the storms that frequent our state.

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