Where There’s a Florida Will, There’s Your Way!

Jacksonville WIll and Probate Lawyerl.jpgWhatever the extent of your Jacksonville property or assets, it is important to have your Florida will drawn up. If you die before you make a will, the State of Florida intestacy succession laws will distribute your property for you. It is important to consult with a Jacksonville Estate Planning Attorney to ensure that your will is prepared in accordance with Florida Statutes.
To be valid in Florida, your will must meet certain requirements:

• Legal age
• Testamentary capacity (of sound mind and body)

• Valid form
• Properly executed

Although there is no particular form of words necessary to make a will valid, there are several clauses which are typically found in many wills.

The preliminary clause gives information about the maker of the will, the fact that the writing is intended to be a will and the revocation of any prior wills.
The dispositive clause specifies what assets go to the beneficiaries.
The appointment clause names the personal representative and guardian for minor children and; the concluding clause seals the validity of the will, including the necessary signatures.

Jacksonville residents wishing to make their will should visit a Jacksonville Florida Estate Planning Law Firm with the experience needed to ensure that your will has been properly prepared and executed.

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