Who should be invloved in Florida Estate Planning

Jacksonville Estate Planning LawyerIdeally your estate plan will be created by a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer, yourself and some or all of the following people:

1. Mother and Father 2. Tax Attorney 3. CPA 4. Financial Advisor 5. Trust Officer 6. Insurance Professional 7. Business Valuation Expert 8. Philanthropic Consultant 9. Fundraiser/Planned Giving Officer 10. Family psychologist or family facilitator

The likelihood of involving these people decreases as you go down the list, and increases as the amount of money involved in the plan increases.

Although children or heirs are almost never included in the preparation of these documents. It might be wise to have a meeting with them once they are prepared or in the later states so that the documents can be discussed. This is a time when any disputes of misreading the documents or their interpretations can be resolved.

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