Xpress Seal Pro Caulk

Xpress Seal Pro from As-Seen-On-TV- Products is a product I purchased to seal the caulk in my bathroom. The caulk in my shower needed replacing and I decided to purchase this after reading many review about this easy to use Professional caulking kit. I saw it on a TV commercial on one of those As Seen On TV Product commercials and decided to give it a try.

I have tried to apply caulk in the past and it was a mess. I found the key to getting a good caulk line was using their caulk removal took to remove all of the previous caulk so that I was starting with a clean surface. Once I got this done, it was relatively easy to apply the silicone caulk and the use the took to make a nice looking caulk bead. It took a little practice before I got the technique down and I found that it was better when I make long consistent beads instead of little short lines. Some of the lines look as good a if a professional had done the work.

With the hurricanes that we have been having lately, it might be a good idea to re-seal windows or previous problem areas to preserve values. I normally do not talk about products on this website but since so many of my clients deal with maintaining property values for their families and loved ones I thought it appropriate. If you need to seal a leak you might try the Xpress Seal pro Caulking Kit as seen on TV.

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