Our Same-Sex Relationship and Family

two cute kids.jpgIf you live in Jacksonville Florida and have a same-sex partner, written, legal documents are what is needed to not only provide for your life-partner, but to leave something to the loved ones in your life.

There are many gay and lesbian couples who do not have their own children, and very often they become very close with nieces and nephews. Providing for your partner and those dear to you takes planning . . . Florida Estate Planning. Florida law currently does not allow for same-sex partners to marry nor does it recognize any legal rights of life partners. Don’t let the state dictate who gets your hard earned money and accumulated “things” by your failure to make a plan.

Contact a Jacksonville Beach Estate Planning Attorney who is knowledgeable about the various strategies and documents that you can implement to ensure that your partner, your niece, her nephew, his niece, the cousins . . . will be taken care of and given what You want them to have upon your death or incapacity.

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