A Relative Dies, whats next?

1102775_cemetery_roses.jpgYou have recently lost your uncle. He did not own a Florida home or real property but had bank accounts including a money market, CD’s and a checking account. The accounts were solely in the uncle’s name. His wife passed away years ago and he had no children. Whether there was a Florida Will or not, a Jacksonville probate proceeding must be initiated to transfer the uncle’s property (financial accounts) to the proper beneficiaries.

If there is an indication that the bank accounts are less than $75,000.00 you may elect to go forth with a summary administration. A Florida Summary Administration is a shortened probate procedure in Florida and is available if the person who passed away has been dead for more than two years or if the person’s estate, (less the value of any exempt property) does not exceed $75,000.00.

Before the Jacksonville Probate Judge will issue the Order of administration providing for the distribution of property, the petitioner (person initiating the probate proceeding) must show the judge that all known creditors have been given notice and an opportunity to make a claim against the Florida estate.

If you have lost a family member and need advice as to whether a summary administration is the best way for you to proceed, speak with a Jacksonville Beach Probate Attorney who can discuss the Florida Summary Administration and other Florida Probate options.

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