Florida Probate

Florida Probate is a legal process through which your Florida Probate Lawyer / Attorney files documents so that the following can happen

    (a) a judge determines whether or not the decedent’s will if any is valid;
    (b) a personal representative is appointed to:
    (1) collect the decedent’s assets in his or her probate estate,
    (2) pay the decedent’s legal debts, and
    (3) distribute the remaining assets in the decedent’s Florida probate estate to the individuals or entities entitled to the assets in accordance with the will or laws of Florida intestacy; and

(c) the court approves the transfer of the decedent’s assets to the individuals and entities designated in the will or the laws of intestacy.

The probate court will also determine the rights, if any, of a spouse and children to the decedent’s property in addition to what they have been left in the will and supervises any claims filed against the estate, objections to claims and probate claims which are barred by time.

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