Can a Florida Will/Trust Disinherit a Child for Religious Reasons?

will.jpgIn many cultures it is important to parents that their children marry into their religion. Orthodox Jews often disinherit their children and will even stop speaking to them if they marry outside the Jewish religion. While public policy will not permit a provision in a Florida Will or Florida Revocable Trust or prevent a person from getting married, it is ok to withhold a inheritance from a child or relative if they marry outside the religion. This type of provision needs to be written carefully so that it does not violate Florida state law or public policy.

If the provision is written incorrectly it will be stricken from the Florida Will or Florida Revocable Trust.

If you want to provide provisions in your Florida Estate Planning Documents to encourage certain behaviors, you should contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to discuss your desires and help you create a plan to achieve your desired result.

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