Death Detective Aids South Florida Researchers

If you need information on someone who died in south Florida in the last 100 years, you may be in luck.

A south Florida resident, Ann McFadden, has compiled a 4,000-page record of all most every death listed in a local newspaper for more than the last 100 years.
Now people are using this information to help resolve tricky genealogy research issues, reports the Miami Herald.

Ms. McFadden is a fixture at the main Miami library downtown. Deaths are not her only interest according to the Miami Herald. Ms. McFadden has also “indexed local adoption, military and probate records and has compiled a short history of a handful of local cemeteries, including Palms Woodlawn in Naranja, Miami City Cemetery on Northeast Second Avenue, Pinewood in Coral Gables and Woodlawn North on Southwest Eighth Street.”

Ms. McFadden who is now 74 became interested in such work because she wanted to find out about her own family after living with her grandmother for 25 years and never asking her a single question about her family.

If you are searching for an heir in South Florida, you may check out the information Ms. McFadden has compiled.

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