Florida Long Term Care Insurance Backfires

Many individuals have long term care insurance to help with nursing home and assisted living costs. Generally long term care insurance is considered a good investment when individuals are healthy can afford the premiums. Rarely does having long term care insurance lead to a negative result.

Things might have changed in Florida with outcome of a recent caseRosenshein v. Florida Department of Children (Fla. Ct. App., 3rd Dist., No. 3D07-989, Oct. 24, 2007). The Appeals court agreed with the state’s determination that payments received from a long-term care insurance policy are income. This income can create an ineligibility for Medicaid benefits.

What does this mean for your current long-term care policy? Should you abandon long term care insurance to help pay for nursing home costs? I don’t think so. You do need to evaluate the way in which your policy is written and how benefits are paid to avoid this type of outcome. If you would like your long-term care policy reviewed you should Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to review your policy in light of the outcome of Rosenshein v. Florida Department of Children.

This topic was covered by SeniorLaw Link on December 17, 2007 in an article by Richard Shea, a CT Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

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