Disclaiming Inherited Property from a Florida Will or Trust

Most people in today’s society would be happy to discover that they were being left an inheritance in a Florida Will . However, since inherited property under the estate laws of Florida is a gift, the beneficiary does not have to accept the inheritance. Although declining to accept a gift would seem odd to some people, there are a few reasons why it would be beneficial not to claim inherited property.

One reason why a person may not want to accept an estate gift is because the property may be undesirable. Property may become undesirable when there is a large debt owed on the property or significant maintenance would be required to sell the property. For example, an old abandoned gas station that was given to you in a will would probably not be worth taking because of the significant costs to modify the property and the taxes that could come with it.

Other reasons why someone would disclaim property are to prevent your creditors from taking the property, a feeling that it is wrong to benefit from someone’s death, and to reduce your tax burden, or it will only create additional estate taxes upon your death. While it may not be permissible to disclaim the property in all situations to avoid creditors, you should discuss your specific goals with a Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer as soon as possible because there are time limits on when a properly filed disclaimer can be done. Whatever your reason may be for not wanting the gift it is important to know a disclaimer must comply with federal law. Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer who can assist you in the process and insure that the disclaimer is done correctly and complies with the appropriate laws of the jurisdiction.

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