Requirements for a Florida Qualified Disclaimer

In a recent article I discussed disclaimers, which are a refusal by a person to accept an interest in property. According to the Internal Revenue Code § 2518, the following is a list of requirements for a qualified disclaimer to be effective in Florida.

(1) A refusal is in writing,

(2) Such writing is received by the transferor of the interest, his legal representative, or the holder of the legal title to the property to which the interest relates not later than the date which is 9 months after the later of–
(A) the day on which the transfer creating the interest in such person is made, or (B) the day on which such person attains age 21,

(3) Such person has not accepted the interest or any of its benefits, and
(4) As a result of such refusal, the interest passes without any direction on the part of the person making the disclaimer and passes either–
(A) to the spouse of the decedent, or (B) to a person other than the person making the disclaimer.

There are different types of disclaimers for different assets. I have included a sample form of what is required to make a qualified disclaimer under a plan Download file. Because of the risk of doing an incorrect disclaimer, it is advisable to have a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer review or create the disclaimer for you.

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