Do I really need a Florida Living Trust?

Jacksonville Florida, Duval, Clay, St. Johns County AttorneyAs aFlorida Estate Planning Lawyersand a Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer I often receive questions about Florida Living Trusts. These usually come after clients attend seminars given by Estate Planning Organizations. Often they are not law firms, but some are.

Although there are benefits to Florida Living Trusts, sometimes they are not necessary. I often get questions from clients who have less than 100,000 in assets who have been told that a Florida Revocable Trust or Florida Living Trust is the answer to their Florida Estate Planning needs.

To answer the question, “Is a Florida Living Trust right for me?” a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer needs to look at the clients individual financial circumstances. I have found that many times, simple payable on death designations will accomplish the same results as a Revocable Trust.

Other times the cost of the Florida Living Trust is more than the savings in probate, and what is saved is time. Although cost of probate is not the only consideration, it is usually one of the primary concerns of clients.

The Connecticut Estate Planning Blog has a detailed review of the issues that must be looked at to determine if a Living Trust is right for you.

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