Eight Ways to Lose a Noncompete Case

Jay Shepherd who writes the Gruntled Employees Blog has a good article on the “Eight Ways to Lose a Noncompete Case.” Here is his list of the 8 most common ways companies to lose a noncompete case:

1. Putting too much faith in the belief that the court will enforce the language of the noncompete agreement as written.
2. Trying to enforce a noncompete against employees who really don’t possess any confidential information or customer relationships.
3. Drafting the noncompete too broadly.
4. Focusing only on geography, duration, and scope of the noncompete rather than on the existence of protectable interests.
5. Waiting too long to file.
6. Asking for an injunction before you’ve developed enough evidence.
7. Filing in the wrong jurisdiction.
8. Focusing on the law instead of on the story of the case.

Jay’s bottom line is that “If your client’s wearing the white hat, and your agreement is narrowly drafted, and your secrets or customer relationships are in imminent peril, then you’ve got a fighting chance of winning. Otherwise, wave goodbye to the former employee and get back to work.”

While many of these are true in Florida, when there is a protectable business interest, most Florida Courts are willing to rewrite the agreement and make some of it enforceable. If you would like your non-compete agreement reviewed, Contact a Florida Non-Compete Lawyer.

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