Estate Planning and Firearms

antiquefirearm250x186-495.jpgWhile a Gun Trust can provide guidance to your family and friends on how to transfer the legal ownership of Title I and Title II firearms, some individuals do not have anyone to leave their firearms to or want them to provide other benefits. The NRA has a program where one can exchange unused firearms collections for an income for life. The process involves selling the firearms and exchanging the revenue for a lifetime annuity for you or your spouse. They accomplish this though an action. The first of these auctions has already taken place and sold over 600 firearms. The next auction is expected to have a similar amount of firearms. I have spoken to several individuals who participated in the process and they felt that many of the firearms were sold for far more than they expected. (Some were in line and some were less than expected, but overall they were happy with the results).

If you are interested in finding out more about this to donate to the NRA or create an income stream for life, contact the NRA at

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