Legal Documents Create Equality for LGBT Community

gay rights button.jpgSt. Augustine has a prominent and growing gay population, and like numerous other gay Floridians, they are doing their part in executing legal papers to protect themselves, their same-sex partners, and children.

The LGBT community in Florida are not afforded any inherent rights when it comes to same-sex couples. Despite the number of years you have been with your St. Augustine gay or lesbian partner, if you die without a Florida Will they get nothing. If your home is not titled properly, it may not pass to the surviving spouse. If one partner has children not the biological children of another partner, that person may not be appointed guardian upon the death of the biological parent.

UNLESS . . .

Legal documents, Florida Estate Planning Documents, Power of Attorney documents and numerous other documentation has been prepared.

There is a Florida St. Augustine Estate Planning and Family Law Attorney focusing on gay and lesbian legal issues now servicing the St. Augustine and St. Johns County area. Call to schedule a consult and fight for your right to be recognized as a partner in a same-sex relationship.

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