Estate Planning Brings Relief

Planning for your own death may appear morbid to some people, but the knowing your financial affairs are in order brings reassurance. By acknowledging that death will eventually happen to everyone, the estate planning process can proceed. If you suddenly become ill or are diagnosed with a terminal condition, would you really want to have to deal with additional unwanted stress? Waiting until the end can bring this stress on you and your family at a time when you could be fulfilling your bucket list.

In a recent Market Watch article by Chuck Jaffe, the author’s reluctant sister-in-law had to be taken “kicking and screaming” to meet with estate planning lawyers with the his brother. She believed that by remaining ignorant to the possibility of death or illness would lessen the likelihood of those things happening. Unfortunately, two years after the meeting with lawyers her husband was diagnosed with a rare disease that was incurable. Jaffe shared the story of his brother upon his insistence that he tell the life lesson he learned in his final days. This important lesson to share with the world was that taking care of the important things when your days are numbered should not include estate planning. Jaffe’s brother believed it was a blessing to know that as his time approached, he didn’t need to worry one minute about the estate planning documents.

Focusing on death while you are alive and healthy was an important point in this article. Jaffe’s brother believed “focusing on death when you are dying” would be unimaginable. With these life lessons learned, imagine all the time and stress that can be avoided with estate planning. A Florida Estate Planning Lawyer can help you with your end of life decisions. Whether that time is now or in years in the future, remember the life lessons learned from this story.

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