Estate Planning for Grandpop’s Gun in the Chest

jacksonvilleFloridaMachineGun NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Attorney.jpgJoshua Prince, a law student has written another article on NFA Firearm issues and estate planning. The article appears on Neil Hendershot’s PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog and is the third in a series on Gun Trusts.
To answer these and other question about Firearms and Estate Planning Please read his article Estate Planning for Grandpop’s Gun in the Chest. His article deals with the requirements, benefits, and detriments of registering a weapon as an individual person, corporation , or trust. Many of the issues hold trust for Florida Gun Trusts but you should check with a Florida Gun Lawyer to verify what makes sense in your particular situation. His article begins:

As an estate attorney, how do you handle the planning of an estate, which includes National Firearms Act [NFA] firearms? What if your client asks you, prior to his/her purchase of a NFA weapon, what is the best form of ownership, with long term estate planning in mind?

This issue may plague estate attorneys, leaving them to scratch their head in bewilderment as to the correct course of action. More importantly, a probate attorney may be flirting with malpractice, since the registration of NFA weapons is mandatory and ignorance is not a defense.

to read the full article titled Estate Planning 101 under the National Firearms Act follow this link

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