Do it yourself Estate Planning: Bad News Part 3

Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, PVB, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, Florida WillA Florida Probate Lawyer Long Duong is reporting a mistake a client of his made with a modification to a Florida Will. The document was not properly executed and it was held to be invalid. This mistake cost the intended beneficiaries over $75,000.

Some other examples of Do it your self wills and bad news are covered in my articles listed below

Do it Yourself Wills? More bad news and Do it Yourself Wills? a Good Idea or Not?

Recently I saw a Florida Probate case, where a mistake was made in a will that changed a homestead to non-homestead property. Luckily there were no creditors, but in the even that there were creditors, the home could have been lost because of this mistake.

If you have used software, a form, or an online service to prepare your will, you should have it reviewed by a Florida Estate planning Attorney for potential problems.

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