Estate Planning for your parents

Orange Park, Duval, St. Johns, Jacksonville Florida
Most Jacksonville estate planning attorneys or those in other locations, focus on your heirs (children and grandchildren). As your parents are aging it is also important to consider and evaluate your parent’s estate planning. One you understand the value in creating your own estate plan, you need to understand what effects your parents estate planning will have on you. You may find that your parents should leave the maximum exempt amount to their grandchildren (GST Trust)instead of to you. This can help avoid an extra layer of Death taxes. Its also important to classify their assets and allow the Personal representative or trustee the flexibility and duty to find which assets have the most appreciation (lowest cost value) and allocate those as to be most beneficial to the estate. If you can discuss your parent’s estate planning with them, you may want to. You should speak with an estate planning attorney who can help structure a multi generational estate plan to help you and your parents establish a plan that will pass their values and protect inheritance.

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