Plenary Guardianship vs. Limited Guardianship

A Jacksonville Guardianship Attorney will always attempt to obtain a Limited Guardianship for his clients when ever possible. Generally in Jacksonville and around Florida, The courts must use the least restrictive means when establishing a Florida Guardianship. When a person has all of his /her rights removed they will have a Plenary guardianship. If one right or more is retained then the guardianship is limited.

The duties of a guardian may be divided into two parts:

1) The duties dealing with the person of a ward, and 2) The duties with the property of a ward.

Therefore a court may appoint a guardian of the person of a ward who will be given the rights that has to do with the person, such as the right to:

Consent to mental and medical treatment,
Determine the ward’s residence, and
Make decisions about the social environment and social aspects of the ward’s life.

A guardian of the property will be appointed to handle some or all of the rights dealing with the property. Those rights include the right to:

File suit and defend lawsuits,
Apply for government benefits,
Manage property, and Make gifts or disposition of property.

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