Estate Planning in a Nutshell

Estate Planning.jpgWe all need someone to look after us and care for us when we become part of the eldery population. We also need to take care of our spouses, our children, and our loved ones, when we have passed away. Looking to, and preparing for our future is in a nutshell, what Estate Planning in Jacksonville is all about.

Florida Estate Planning can be as simple as having your Florida Will, Florida Living Will, Florida Designation of Health Care Surrogate, and Florida Durable Power of Attorney prepared. You can also have different types of trusts prepared if you would rather have your assets managed by a trusted individual, after your death. In Florida, Trusts are also a great way to minimize your taxes as well as to manage your assets.

Preparing for future medical and financial decisions to be made on our behalf in the event of our incapacity, or illness, is the reason we prepare a Living Will, Do Not Resucitate Order, Health Care Surrogate Designation, and Power of Attorney.

Preparing for future disposition of our assets and property is the reason we “Estate Plan”. Whether you live in a large home or a small home, have extensive assets or are just scraping by, whatever we own as individuals, (real property, personal property and intangible property) is important. What we pass on to our loved ones has value to us and to them.

No matter what you have as assets and property, make sure it is protected when you pass away. Prepare now and your family won’t have the burden of going through the difficult process of grieving, while at the same time having to make decisions on your behalf, when you have not put your wishes and desires down in writing.

In a nutshell, Estate Planning in Floridais easy, just call a Florida Estate Planning Attorney to schedule an appointment today.

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