Protect the Elderly from Scams

Jacksonville Elder Abusecouple.jpgRecently in the Jacksonville news there was a disturbing story about Florida’s senior citizens being exploited. Men posing as bank investigators were targeting Jacksonville women in their 70’s and 80’s. These women were being told, among other things, that illegal activity was occurring in their bank accounts, thereby paving the way for the con men to obtain crucial bank account information.

As a Jacksonville Elder Law Attorney, this is just one of the many horrific stories I hear about our Florida Elderly population being taken advantage of and exploited.
The Florida Statutes provide for a remedy when abuse, neglect or exploitation of elderly person or disabled adult occur. This abuse can take the form of financial theft and exploitation, or the intentional infliction of physical or psychological harm. The amount of money involved, the nature, the and severity of the injury will determine the degree of the crime.

Sadly family members and friends often take advantage of the elderly. In addition, Acquaintances, such as the hairdresser, caretakers, or neighbors, are also guilty of exploiting Florida’s older population. If you live in Jacksonville or the surrounding area, and feel like you are being treated in an abusive manner, or feel like money or property is being taken without your consent, contact a Jacksonville Elder Law Attorney.

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