Florida Domestic Partners Estate Planning: More important than you would think

In Florida Domestic Partners need the help of a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to handle their complex situations. Domestic partners are considered any two people no mater what sex who live together and what each other to benefit in the event of the subsequent death of the other.

Without a valid Florida Will or Valid Florida Estate Planning Documents the domestic partner will not receive any portion of the others estate upon their death. The Florida intestate statutes do not provide any benefits for a domestic partner.

If one creates an invalid Floria Will using software or a form, the Florida statutes provides benefits to the spouse and children of the deceased. Although the decedent’s desires may not be complied with completely. Their family, who is usually the intended beneficiary, will receive the proceeds from the estate. This is not true with domestic partnerships. The domestic partners will receive nothing from the decedents estate.

To make sure you and your domestic partner are protected, you should have your Florida Estate Planning Documents reviewed or created by a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer or Attorney.

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