Estate Planning and Beneficiary Designations

When creating Florida Estate Planning Lawyer it is important to remember that once you create the documents your job is not done.

If you create a Florida Revocable Trust it is important to fund the trust or it will not provide one of the typical benefits of avoiding a Florida Probate. There are several ways of funding the trust and you should discuss these with your Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to see what makes the most sense for you and your family.

In addition, another common mistake is forgetting to make proper beneficiary designations on life insurance or retirement accounts. This is also something that needs to be carefully considered and implemented with the advise of your CPA and Florida Estate Planning Lawyer.

Forgetting to make proper beneficiary designations on assets can subject your estate and beneficiaries to unnecessary taxes, expenses, and delays in the transfer of the assets. If you have a 401(k) you may consider moving the asset to an IRA for additional flexibility. This is something you should discuss with your financial planner as IRA distributions to a non-spouse can usually be spread over the lifetime of the oldest beneficiary instead of having to be taken within a year of your death.

If you have recently moved to Jacksonville or Florida and would like a complimentary review of your estate plan and your circumstances contact a Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer to discuss your options.

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