Florida Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts

Clients often ask Estate Planning Attorney’sfor a Florida will or a Florida Living Trust. The seldom ask for a will and a trust even though in most cases this is what they need. Clients who want to skip probate and avoid the fees and delays associated with establishing and administrating a probate in Florida often request a Florida Living or Revocable trust. One of the big problems with creating a revocable living trust is that most people never fund them. In Florida, a living trust must be funded prior to the death of the grantor or it is not in existence.

The primary purpose of having a valid Florida Will along with the Florida Living Trust is that if the Trust is not in existence, the decedents Will will determine how the assets are distributed. The will often directs that any remaining assets be placed in the trust and the trust will determine how the assets are distributed. Often the will does not exist, so the will must specify how the assets should be distributed in case the trust doesn’t exist.

When you create a trust or trust/will combination please discuss what will happen if the trust is not funded, or you revoke the trust during your life.

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