Florida Executor Found Personally Liable for Estate Taxes

One of the first things your Florida Probate Lawyer should tell you is that as an executor or Personal Representative of a Florida Probate Case, you are personally liable for any unpaid taxes or penalties for the decedent.

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Kimberly Martinez-Lejarza has a nice review of the Estate of Ziotowski v. Commissioner. This tax court held that the failure of the two executors to file the 706 estate return made them liable for the taxes, penalties, and interest even though their attorney failed to inform them of the tax, filing, and due date.

Kimberly does a good job of analyzing the case stating:

That there was no way the estate could possibly stand upon its argument of reasonable reliance on the advice of counsel: there was no evidence the executors had even asked their attorney for advice as to whether the return was due on time, let alone that they had received such advice. In its analysis, the court also pointed to testimony given by one of the executors that further demonstrated the executors’ complete disengagement from the estate administration process, including the preparation of the estate tax return. In the end, the estate was held liable for the additional tax generated as a result of the late filing.

When it comes to taxes, you the PR is ultimately responsible. Make sure your Florida Probate Lawyer understands this before you learn the hard way

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