Florida Foreclosures Continue to Rise

Florida is not the number 2 state for Foreclosures as it moves ahead of California with 1 of every 165 homes in danger of becoming bank-owned reported the Palm Beach Post.

Many properties that sold in 2003-2006 are now upside down and if people loose their jobs, they risk not being able to pay their mortgage or sell their home. In November there were more than 3300 foreclosures filings. While this number is similar to October’s number it is 26% greater than in 2008.

With 1 of six foreclosures in the US being reported in Florida, there a greater risk of foreclosure in Florida than in most states.

If your home is in Foreclosure, or your are at risk of a Florida Foreclosure, or are in the process of attempting a loan modification, you should contact a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer to discuss your options and what rights you have. Often families faced with foreclosure in Florida may find that there are defenses to the foreclosure and counterclaims that can help them stay in the home and may be a better option than walking away or doing a short sale, or a loan modification.

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