Jacksonville Florida Guardianship Lawyer helps those who are in need

A Jacksonville Guardianship lawyer can help individuals who are not able to deal with their own affairs in a physical or financial manner. By having a person appointed through a Florida Guardianship Proceeding, an individual (the ward), appoints a person( the guardian) to help the ward in those areas where they do not want to or can not represent their own best interests.

A Florida Guardianship attorney can either help to represent the individual or represent others to make sure that the proper guardian is chosen and that they fulfill their fiduciary obligations. Often we find that guardians do what they want and not necessarily what is in the best interest of the ward. This can cause damages and can open the guardian to liability for the actions that they took.

If you or someone you know if in need of a Florida Guardianship or might have been taken advantage by their Florida Guardian, you should contact a Jacksonville Guardianship Attorney to discuss your situation and what options are available to you through Florida’s Guardianship proceedings.

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