Gun Trust Lawyer & Class 3 Firearms Trusts

Florida Gun Trusts are not the same as a standard Revocable or Living Trust.

We are getting more and more so called Gun Trusts that have been prepared by lawyers in Florida and other states that are nothing more than a traditional revocable trust with a few definitions thrown in to discuss the National Firearms Act.

The biggest problem with these trust is that they do not protect your family in the event you die or become incapacitated. If your trust talks about income and real estate or does not seem to be specific for firearms, you may want to have it reviewed by a Gun Trust Lawyer to see if your trust instructs your family or friends to break the law and subject themselves to the penalties of the NFA.

Not all trusts are created the same, if you think you have a NFA Gun Trust and it does not contain our copyright it is not our trust.

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