Be Informed Before Retaining a Probate Attorney

law_offices.jpgA Florida Probate Attorney was suspended from practicing law by the Florida Supreme Court. The attorney was said to be causing great public harm by a pattern of “obtaining fees, controlling assets, enforcing individuals to ‘pay him’ before he would resign as trustee of several trusts”. The attorney has also been the subject of several pending disciplinary cases involving inappropriate handling of trust accounts and failing to move money from his account into a guardianship account.

The Florida Bar governs attorney behavior and law practice. An attorney has a code of ethical behavior in which he must adhere to in his representation of clients. There are specific rules which regulate trust accounts and accounting procedures, and Orange Park Probate Attorneys must act in accordance with these rules, otherwise, they are in violation of the Florida Bar.

Whatever reason has led you to retain an Orange Park or Jacksonville Florida Attorney, it is important to do your homework. One of the most reliable ways to find an attorney is through personal referral. Ask your family and friends if they know of or have used an attorney in your area. Access the internet to view a law firm’s web site and blog pages. These sites often have informative articles which will provide you with background information about your legal issue.

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