Florida Homestead Definition

The Florida Homestead exemption: In Florida, this refers to a surviving spouse’s or lineal heirs right to receive the primary residence of their family member free of claims from creditors other then perfected security interests on it such as the mortgage. In Florida there is no limit to the value of the property that is covered by a Florida homestead exemption.

The Florida Homestead protection is found in Article X Section 4 of the Florida Constitution.

Although there may be limits placed on the Homestead Exemption by Federal Bankruptcy Law and Florida Medicaid planning through the 2005 Debt reduction act.

An invalid conveyance of a homestead in a decedents will is ineffective and results in a spouse receiving a life estate in the property with the remainder going to the decedents children per stripes.

The same result happens if there are minor children at the time one of the parent dies. The transfer of time is valid at the time of the decedents death, but this tile is not considered marketable tile by Florida Title Agencies. Because of this it is necessary to open a Florida Probate case for the decedent to transfer the property.

One can accomplish their desired goals by using a Florida Estate planning attorney who is familiar with Florida Homestead, Florida Elder Law, and the rules regarding the Florida Homestead protection in regards to Florida probate administration.

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