Florida Guardian Definition

In Florida Estate Planning, Florida Guardianship Proceedings, and Florida Probate cases it is often necessary to setup a full or plenary guardianship.

Guardian: an adult appointed by a surviving parent in his or her will or by a court, who is responsible for a minor child or legally incapacitated person’s personal care and nurturing.

A parent is the natural guardian of their minor child. If a child receives over $15,000 from a probate or settlement that requires court approval, a parent will need to create a Florida Guardianship over the Property of the minor child.

Other times Florida Guardianships are used to try to stop individuals from wasting their assets. Although this was permissible in the past in Florida, the new standard does not take into account the actions of the individual only the mental capacity of the individual and by law must impose the least restrictions on an individual when evaluating their mental and physical capacity.

Often, Florida Estate Planning Techniques such as Florida Revocable Living Trusts, Florida Durable Powers of Attorney, and Florida Designation of health Care Surrogates are used to prevent a guardianship from being imposed on an individual at a later date.

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