Florida Prepaid Funeral Plans and Estate Planning and Elder Law

Part of Florida Elder Law planning and Florida Estate Planning includes planning for funerals. medicare exempts prepaid funeral plans in Florida and many other states. Sam Hasler of the Indiana Civil & Business Lawyer Blog has an article about this. He has an article dealing with the these by a cash purchase and funding them by insurance policy.

Setting up a prepaid funeral trust means going to the funeral home and selecting the sort of funeral you want. Before going to the funeral home, you should read the Federal Trade Commission’s Funerals: A Consumer Guide. The FTC’s Funeral Home Rule requires a funeral home to display a price list that includes all goods and services the funeral home will provide to the buyer. The funeral trust funds whatever the buyer selects.

I know no one likes to consider Florida Wills, Florida estate planning or funerals, but not doing can leave your survivors making the choices and may leave them in the same position as the Randolph family.

If you will be needing to qualify for government assistance, it is important that your funeral plan will qualify. Please contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer for help in determining eligibility for these programs.

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