Florida Probate: Am I entitled to an inventory and accounting.

In Florida if you are a beneficiary a potential heir, you are entitled to an inventory and accounting. As An Atlanta Georgia Estate Planning Lawyer wrote in their article AS A BENEFICIARY OR HEIR OF A GEORGIA PROBATE ESTATE, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AN INVENTORY AND ACCOUNTING IN GEORGIA PROBATE COURT – REMEMBER, “POSSESSION IS NINE-TENTHS OF THE LAW”, SO ACT QUICKLY AND WITH KNOWLEDGE, it is important to act fast.

It is often frustrating for beneficiaries that this doesn’t happen quickly or automatically. Often beneficiaries only receive these documents after a Florida Probate Attorney makes a formal request for them.

If you have not received an inventory or accounting relating to a Florida Probate Contact a Florida Probate Lawyer

Jacksonville Probate Lawyer, David Goldman has put together a Florida Probate Handbook that is being offered free to readers and visitors of his websites. If you would like a copy, visit the Free Florida Probate Handbook web page, fill out the form, and one will be sent to you within 24 hours by email.

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