Florida Revocable Trust

In Florida a Revocable Trustcan be amended and revoked, by the grantor who established the trust. This trust may become irrevocable and no longer amendable when the grantor of the trust dies or becomes permanently incompetent.

Living Trust also known as Revocable Trust of Revocable Living Trust: A trust that one establishes during one’s lifetime which is not part of one’s will, but is established by a separate written trust agreement. A revocable trust is one of the primary means for avoiding probate. I can also allow for a specific distribution such as the children receiving 1/3 of the inheritance at 25 1/3 at 30 and 1/3 at 35 if the parents are already deceased or providing longer term asset protection on their behalf. It can provide for professional management of the trust assets, help to ensure that the grantor or their trustee can maintain control over their affairs and has many useful benefits.

Assets which are in the Revocable Living Trust prior to the death of the grantor are not subject to probate, inventory, but can be subject to estate tax. The Trust will generally become irrevocable at the time of the death of the grantor and terminate shortly afterwards. The trust can create several new trusts upon or give assets outright to the beneficiaries. Consult with your Florida Revocable Living Trust Attorney to create a trust that works best for you. There are also several special trusts that can be used to carry out your desires and achieve your goals and objectives.

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