Florida Trust Accounts: Should the Checking Account Be Held In the Name of the Trust?

When you create a Florida Revocable Trust, your Florida Estate Planning Attorney should advise you on how to title accounts.

Jacksonville Trust Lawyer, Jacksonville Beach, St. Johns, Duval, Clay, Orange Park, South Jacksonville FLOne common question is about checking accounts. In most cases, the title (ownership) of the checking account should be changed to the name of the Florida Living Trust or Florida Revocable Living Trust, or Trustee of the trust. If on the date of death, the amount in a personal account has not become property of the trust, it may be necessary to open a Florida probate.

NOTE: The checks do not need to show the trust name and reference to the trust may be omitted for check cashing. The signature cards need to be updated to reflect the way in which checks will be signed. When doing this its best not to close the accounts as outstanding checks could bounce and create unnecessary expenses.

For more information on creating a Florida Revocable Trust or maintaining your Florida Living Trust, you should contact a Florida Trust Lawyer.

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