Florida Will: Original Will must be kept safe

Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Johns. Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine Court FloridaIn Jacksonville Florida or another Florida city, if a person creates a valid Florida will, but the will can not be found upon their death, the Florida courts will presume that the decedent destroyed the Florida will with the intention of revoking the Florida will. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get a copy of the Florida will admitted, but it will be difficult.

The first step is to establish the terms of the will in Florida and offer it for Florida probate. This can be done by any interested person. The specific content of the Florida will must be proven by the testimony of two disinterested witnesses, or, if a copy of the will is available it can be proven by one disinterested witness.

In Florida, it is very important to keep your original will in a safe place. You might consider having your Florida Estate Planning Attorney keep the original will for you in a fire and water proof safe. If you live in an area of Florida that is prone to hurricanes, it would be wise to keep the will in a water proof, fire proof area that is not at risk to weather. Some Florida will lawyers or Jacksonville will attorneys can keep the original Florida will in their safe.

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