Free Probate Handbook

FreeFloridaProbateHandbook-small.jpg Jacksonville Probate Lawyer, David Goldman has put together a Florida Probate Handbook that is being offered free to readers and visitors of his websites. If you would like a copy, visit the Free Florida Probate Handbook web page, fill out the form, and one will be sent to you within 24 hours by email.

In the handbook, you will:

•Learn about four types of Florida Probate.
•Learn about what is involved in opening a Florida Probate.
•Learn about the responsibilities of being a Personal Representative or administering a Florida Probate.
•Learn why a lawyer is required in most Florida Probates.
•Learn the steps involved in a Florida Probate.
•What type of Florida Probate do I need?
•Am I responsible for the bills of the Estate?
•Can I object to claims of creditors?
•Do I need an attorney to help me?
•How can I get a copy of a Florida Will?
•What are the penalties for not filing the Will within 10 days of death?
•If there was a trust, what happens to it, whom must I notify, and what needs to be filed with the court?

If you have questions about Florida Probate, Contact a Florida Probate lawyer

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