Are your Estate Planning Documents up to date? How about your Florida Estate Planners?

Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer DMG.jpgThis morning I woke up ready to leave on a trip to NY with my family. We had had this trip planned for several months and my wife and I like to travel a lot. As I got out of bed, something happened and I fell and hit my head on our new tile floor. Within seconds there was blood everywhere and I became disoriented. After spending more than 12 hours in the hospital, and after having been treated by one of the nicest Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons’s that I have met, I began to think about how many estate planners take their own advice and have documents that are up to date and trusts that are funded.

I first became concerned with my Florida Estate Plan when I was going to London for an extended time and there had recently been some bombings in London. My wife refused to go, or let me go, if our plans were not set in writing prior to our departure.

Today as I sit in the hospital, I am thinking that If I did not have plans and my injury would have been more serious, it may have been more difficult for my wife to speak on my behalf. What if I have had a heart attack, stroke, or just been unconscious as a result of my fall and injury.

In the end, none of these documents was necessary, but it was comforting to know that they were in place if they were needed. While the emergency room did ask if they existed, they did not ask for a copy, nor would it have been easy to produce a copy upon admittance. The next thing I will do is keep a copy of them on my iPhone, and my wife’s iPhone in case they are needed.

It just goes to show you that you never know when you might need Florida Estate Planning Documents. While my documents are up to date, I know most people do not have up to date Florida Estate Planning Documents. At the Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC, we practice what we preach because each of ourselves place our family in harms way daily when we drive, walk down the street or get out of bed. If you would like a free review of your Estate Planning Documents under Florida law, let me know and I would be happy to make sure your documents are up to date and you understand what your options and obligations are.

One of the best benefits of a good estate plan is avoiding Florida Probate. To learn what is involved with a Florida probate request the Free Florida Probate Handbook

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