How to change a WIll

Jacksonville Florida Will, Jacksonville Estate Planning Attorney.jpgClients often bring in Florida Will to amend which have been marked up several times. Usually, once there are so many changes that they cannot tell what the last change is, the decide to redraft or amend their will.

With a Florida Will, or a will drafted in another state, a Florida Resident cannot simply cross off part of a page or change the language on their own. The result will be that the court will look to see if they can determine what the original language was, and enforce it.

The reason for this is all Florida Wills, Florida Revocable Trusts, and Codiles (an amendment to a will) must comply with the Florida statute of wills. This requires that two people who witness each other and the person who is creating the will all witness each other signing the document.

To destroy your will, you must burn, tear, or cross through the entire pages of the will. Another way is by creating a new Florida Will which revokes all prior wills.

If you need help amending your Florida will, rewriting your Florida Will or reviewing you will for compliance with Florida law, you should talk with a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer.

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