Medicaid Application: What to do first?

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There have been many changes in the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. One of the most significant is that penalty periods and ineligibility periods begin from the date of application. It is for this reason, that you should have your documents reviewed by a Jacksonville Florida Elder Law Lawyer who works with Medicaid applications. As many posts of this blog have stated, the rules, and laws changed significantly in 2007. It is for this reason, you should not rely on books in print, friends, or family. It is highly unlikely that they have the experience necessary and have dealt with the new policies an procedures.

Michael Keenan of the Connecticut Elder Law Blog has begun a series which discusses How to Get Organized Before Filing Your Medicaid Application. I would suggest reading it and even if you are not a technically oriented person, make a copy and show it to your family or Florida Elder Law Attorney. Perhaps they can scan or help organize the documents for you.

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