Letters of Administration

Letters Of Administration: In a Florida probate that involves full or ancillary administration, Letters of administration are issued by the probate judge to a personal representative, showing that the personal representative has the authority to act on behalf of an estate.

Once letters are issued the Personal Representative many not do anything they want. The letters, while allowing the PR to act create liability for the PR as well as a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries and creditors of the estate including the IRS. A PR should not forget to file the 1040 tax return for the last year, the 1041 tax return for income made during the administration of the estate, the 709 estate tax return, and make sure that any minimum required distributions from IRA’s or other retirement accounts are removed by December 31 in the year that the decedent died. The PR becomes personally liable for any unpaid or late filing fees including interest that are due to the failure to file these returns timely.

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