Oklahoma Law Lets Executors manage Online Social Media Accounts

digital_assets.jpgA new law in Oklahoma appears to let estate executors have the power to access, administer, or terminate online social media accounts of the deceased. This law is in direct contradiction to the licensing arrangements of most online accounts and it has yet to be seen how and if the law will provide rights to estates.

The law should remind the people as they go about their estate planning that, in addition to their personal and real property, they should make plans for the vast amount of intellectual property they will leave behind.

As digital photo accounts, iTunes accounts, cell phone applications, and email accounts replace their traditional counterparts with many people, it is becoming more important than ever to address these assets in every estate plan.

If you would like to know more about a Digital Asset Protection Trust contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer who is familiar with Digital Asset Protection to discuss your circumstances and options.

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