Power of Attorney Dangers – License to Steal

gavel.jpgA couple was recently charged with theft and elder abuse for taking money from their elderly parents, under authority of a power of attorney to pay for personal expenses. These included vacations, plane tickets, lodging and meals. Matthew D. Gardner an Iowa Estate Planning Lawyer wrote about this case and the increasing frequency of elder abuse in the past year.

A Power of Attorney grants the agent (attorney-in-fact) broad powers to act in the best interest of he person. Often agents who accept this power do not understand that the money is not theirs to use as their own but the authority grants the agent the power to act in the other person’s best interest.

If you suspect that someone is misusing the Power of Attorney granted to them, report the information immediately to the local police who will be able to properly investigate the case. If you have been affected by this misuse you may have a claim against the agent for the harm they have caused you and should Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer

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