Probate & Summary Administration

duval-court-old.jpgA Summary Administration in Florida is an abbreviated Florida Probate proceeding where estates with assets of less than $75,000 or those where the decedent has been dead for more than 2 years can simplify the probate process. We often find that the families of people who die with a home or other property do not properly administer their loved one’s estate at the time of death and must go back to clear up the title so that the property can be sold or transferred properly at some later date.

When a piece of real property is involved in the estate, we have to ask the court to determine if the property is protected as a Florida Homestead or is subject to the claims of creditors. Once this determination is made the property can be transferred properly.

If you need help clearing up the title of a home or property located in Florida that belonged to a person who died, we can help with a Florida Summary Administration, please Contact a Florida Probate Lawyer for more information on this process.

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