Reviewing wills and trust for compliance with Florida Law

While Florida generally recognizes wills created in another state that were valid at the time they were created, it is often a good idea to have your will reviewed by a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer when you move to Florida.

One problem we often run into is that guardians for minor children who reside in Florida must be a close relative or a resident of the state of Florida. Often people designate non-relatives that do not reside in Florida and these are not effective.

While it is possible to create a trust or other legal instrument to allow a non-resident to manage the property of a minor, this should not be done in a will as it may be ineffective.

There are many other issues that arise with a move across state lines. Some states are community property and Florida is not. It is best to have your documents reviewed to make sure that your desires are carried out. There are some wills like holographic wills ( a will that is handwritten by the testator) that may be valid in states like California that Florida will not recognize unless they comply with the Florida Statute of Wills.

Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer for more information and a review of your documents.

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