Second Life After Death

Second_life.jpgWhile video games have become increasingly realistic over the last few years, they still cannot compete with the virtual world reality of computer based Internet services. To some, may seem like a game, but to others it really is a “second life.” Second Life is a website that allows users to interact with each other by downloading a software program. Each user creates an avatar that can resemble himself, a celebrity, or anyone they can imagine. All users interact, socialize, and even conduct business with each other in the same world known as “the grid.”

One of the unique abilities built into the software is a modeling tool that allows the user to build virtual objects in the virtual world. The terms of service guarantee that the users will retain all copyrights to the substances they design and create. With their digital rights management, the virtual community of Second Life generated approximately $55 million of real money last year. By having such a unique way to create an asset, the user must choose a unique way to protect it for heirs.

I would suggest a Digital Asset Trust because Second Life will only transfer an account when there is a relevant legal documentation. By setting the account up in the name of a trust, licenses and use restrictions will no longer apply to transfer of property to another. If you would like assistance in protecting your Second Life account and property, contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer today.

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